Creative Inspiration: 5 Abstract Artists to check out!

Sometimes it's fun and inspirational to simply troll the net for other artists and check out their work. Here are 5 abstract artists I found that really inspire me...

Karen Laborde (sample of work above)
Just love the first image on her website under "new work"

Nell Tilton (sample of work above)
Particularly love this piece with a strong horizontal composition but so much play and texture that draws me in again and again.

Timothy Dodge (sample of work above)
Love this piece particularly because of the contrast and play he creates between opaque and transparent colours.

German abstract expressionist painter Ralph Gelbert (sample of work above)

The name of this piece is ' Fjordland' which to me speaks of the Fjords in Iceland so he has immediately won me over not only by the work but this name.

Gerhard Richter (sample of work above)

Just love the mainly white pieces with etchings and marks. gushhhh...

By the way, and lastly, while I was looking around online I came across a blog that deals solely with abstract works. Check it out: