Artist's Date: the NY MOMA

When I was in New York in March I went to visit the Museum of Modern of Art (MOMA) to discover that after 4 PM admission was free on fridays if you just lined up with a few other hundred + people down the street and around the corner, wait your turn, and get a free ticket. Pretty cool. Actually looking back now I wish I'd taken a photo because the line up went all the way down the street and then around the corner and then some. And quite honeslty just waiting in line was a wonderful experience in itself!

So for my friday Artist's Date, I climbed the beautiful stairs of the MOMA and started at the top floor and worked my way down. 

I felt a deep emotional connection seeing an original Frieda Khalo painting in person, up close and personal. The movie about her and Diego I saw with Salma Heyak really touched me and fostered a love with their story and her art. 

It was super cool to see Paul Klee's original work as I remember a collage instructor mentionning at the time (when I was living in Santa Barbara, CA) that my work resembled his and that I should go check him out!

I loved seeing the huge Jackson Pollock Painting up close and noticing that
he may have poured some kind of glossy resin on the piece as well as just paint because there were noticeable clear shiny drips that you might not see in a photograph or reproduction.  

I loved seeing Pablo Picasso's work up close and original. And of course, A Mark Rothco. If they would have let me I would have sat on a bench, drank tea and sat by that painting all day!

I took a lot of photos but wasn't allowed to use a flash so a lot of the photos - even with some digital adjustment - did not turn out that well. And I have converted some into black and white to fix the ultra yellow problem too.

Going down the floors I came upon 5 modern painters and was inspired to find some new names of work I thought were super cool. I will share those with you next week here on my blog!