5 Contemporary MOMA Artists to Check Out

Here are 5 (five) contemporary  artists whose work really captured me when I visited the MOMA in NY last March .

I love this piece in particular and it made want to go home to my studio and do paintings with words all over them!

His work was definetly my favourtie and I literally sat down next to his huge abstract paintings and just hung out and enjoyed them during my MOMA visit. Last year sometime I did for fun that are basicallly white gesso and charcoal. It's such a great way to warm up. This reminds me of them.

I was particularly drawn to this piece as for the absolute freedom of creating with collage that it inspires me in. 

I was not allowed to photograph Rirkrit's installation, but I want to tell you a little bit about it and say that I spent quote a lot of time with his work. In the foreground of the installation were camping pots and mementos such as maps of his camping trips and travels in Argentina. In the background on the wall was a very long aseembled painting with stamps, images from his passports, writings, paint, again all in reference to his travels. It was so beautiful! I wish I could have photographed the exhibit!

To be honest I can't remember why I made a note of this artist when I was at the MOMA as at this current time in my career I have not been that drawn to sculpture/installation artists. However the above poster is pretty cool and most likely there was something I saw at the museum that made me write down his name! I guess you'll have to go visit the MOMA, find his display and see what captured me! :)