Breathing Space: Deep Cove

In early June this year it was still raining and cold here in Vancouver but I decided to get out of hte studio and be a tourist in my own town and head over to Deep Cove.

 If any of the scenery looks familiar you may note that this is where Charlie St. Cloud ( a fairly newly released movie) with Zach Efron was filmed when he was sailing in the start of the movie.

 It's very quiet and quaint and sleepy. And I had a nice relaxing walk around the cove.

Foxglove upclose.
In the park at the front and center of the harbor.

Motorbors all lined up (with no place to go?) :)

 I'm always a sucker for a waterfall.

and a forest path...

Always make time to smell the roses. Seriously you gotta do it! 

 I threw a few pennies in the wishing pool and since it came true I'm going to tell you my wish!
 It was for sunshine!!!

 Finished up my walk wtih a cup of tea at the local bakery.