Artist Interview of Deb Chaney at the ARC Studios

Recently I was interviewed for the Crofton House School February 2013 monthly newsletter. I thought you might enjoy reading the interiew which was a conversation I had with two of their current public relations staff here in my home studio at the ARC.

Thank you so much Ryan and Peggy for your time and interest in myself and my work.

A clip from the online newsletter 1898 featuring an interview with Deb Chaney Feb 2013

Deb Chaney has been making a career with her unique brand of mixed media abstract expressionist art for the past ten years. She recently discussed with 1898 staff how she overcame the obstacles to becoming an artist, and offered some highly useful advice for those aspiring to creative careers. Follow the link to read more about our visit and peruse the full interview with Deb.
Full interview with pictures: