Artwork for Rent with Community Art Vancouver


Thank you Vancouver Community Art for featuring me & my artwork on your site and for helping artist such as myself increase our income for our artworks via creating rental opportunities ! 

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting with Vancouver Community Art Founder, Gary Parker, who has a passion and a vision to help artists get their artwork out into the community and also support them to be re-numerated for their work via rental income for displaying their artwork. It's about time! Gary, Thank you, artists need more win-win opportunities like this!!!

So often in the past artists put their artwork up in coffee shops, don't make any sales, and receive nothing for sharing their beautiful work, while the store owners benefit from free decor. In our conversation togehter, Gary told me how he started Community Art to create win-win scenarios for artists where they can show their artwork and receive compensation even if the artwork does not sell. 

I have chosen to submit several Fragments of Life Series of paintings to have available for rent with them, you can see the full selection here: 

Thank you Community Art for featuring me on your site and for helping artists such as myself increase our income and make a living doing what we love!

(Gary, next time we'll get a picture of us together!!! :0)

Featured above: Fragments of Life #23  - 23" x 30" Mixed Media on Panel. (c) Deb Chaney This original artwork by Deb Chaney  is now available to rent through Vancouver Community Art!