Stolen Artwork: Patchwork Paper Vii


In 2009, I created this series of collage paintings called 'Patchwork Paper'. This painting shown above is Patchwork Paper viii.

Each painting in this series of seven was created using 23" x 30"  300 pound coldpress Arches watercolor paper and made by cutting and tearing up pieces of stained papers (tissue paper, rice papers, other decorative papers) which I had decorated using home-made stamps, and stained using inks and watered down acrylics. 

They took hours to create and were my therapy during a difficult time of transition in my life. I had the series of seven paintings photographed, and then all but two of them disappeared. 

In my entire career I have created a lot of artwork and meticulously had the work documented, as I did for this series (So Grateful!), however, I never saw these paintings again in 2009 and wonder what happened to them.

Were they stolen? I hope wherever they are they are safe and being enjoyed. If you have the paintings and you are reading this, keep in mind they need to be framed behind glass to preserve the paper! Or, better yet, please do the right thing return them.

If you LOVE this beautiful paintings as I do, you are in luck as they are ALL available on Saatchi Online Gallery for prints: .