3 Tricks on How to Stay Connected & Inspired

rhapsoidia_lg2017 One of the tricks about living a consciously creative life is knowing how to stay connected and inspired. How do we do this?

I’ve noticed when I lose my connection to *Source I am often choosing negative thoughts, focussing on what’s not working in my life, or blaming other people or circumstances for what’s not working. I tend to feel separate and stop taking responsibility for myself. Then, possibly as a product of these choices, I may lose the inspiration to be creative.

Yup, being positive, consciously focussing on what IS working, what I’m grateful for, and taking responsibility for my life actually supports me to stay connected to Source and also supports my creativity. But the trick is, how do we stay in that positive place?

I want to share three tricks with you here, that I use on a regular basis, to get back into that feeling good place where I can get into my creative groove and continue creating my awesome life:

1. Comedy. Lately I’ve been watching stand up comedy. For example, I’m a fan of Russel Peters - my favourite skit is when his Dad tells him they are going to become ‘Real Canadians’. Anything that gets me laughing out loud is the ticket here, for me.

2. Dancing. My quick trick is to pick a good dance song, such as Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ and type that into YouTube with the world ‘playlist’. Then dance along. This is a sure way to convert a bad mood into a better one, especially if you do weird varieties of dancing!

3. Creative Imagining. I get my journal and write out a pretend scenario about all the things that I would like to be true right now and ask myself how I would feel. For example,  I imagine I own a brand new hybrid SUV with 4 wheel drive (hence the image topping this blog post!) and a pair of new snowshoes. Then I focus on the feeling I would have if I had these things now; independence, mobility, freedom, joy, happiness, and adventure… and focus on feeling those feelings now. I also imagine myself driving the car and going for a hike in this new snow with my fabulous new snow shoes!

I really recommend finding out your own top 3 tricks to go from mad or sad to good and glad, so you can feel good, and go and make some art!

In support of your continuous connection & inspiration!


*Source= God, Higher Power, The Universe, All That Is, etc…

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Painting shown above is ‘Rhapsodia’, 9” x 12” Mixed Media on Loose Canvas © Deb Chaney 2017. This painting involves the rhythms and tides of painterly gestures and sacred geometry. Its about holding still within and allowing Source Energy to work through us to support us in easily manifesting our dreams and desires. Original, Prints & Giclees Available for purchase here: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Paint....