Three new little paintings with sacred geometry

Just completed these three new little pieces and I'm so excited to share with you! Paintings from L to R: 'Exuberant Architecture', 'Rhapsoidia', and 'Steady Universal Flow'.

Each painting here is 9” x 12” Mixed Media on Paper. (c) Deb Chaney January 2017. $150/original Prints available online at:

These pieces involve sacred geometry patterns and encourage us to hold still within and allow Source Energy to work through us to support us in easily manifesting our dreams and desires.

Exuberant Architecture shining a light on the splendor of creation here on earth, using painterly gestures and sacred geometry, and honoring the magic of this planet.

Rhapsodia involves the rhythms and tides of painterly gestures combined with sacred geometry. The play between order and chaos where creativity thrives.

Steady Universal Flow reflects the natural world, a wonderful place to reconnect to Source. This painting is reminiscent of natural beauty we see in waterfalls and forests.