New Work: Cannot Contain My Excitement !

cannotcontain_web_dc2016New artwork “Cannot “Contain My Excitement” Original and prints available.  9” x 12” Mixed Media (Painting: Ink, Pencil, New Media, collage and gold leaf) on Paper (c) Deb Chaney 2016 prints here:

This little painting is part of my Little Gems Series of paintings, many of which were made in front of a workshop group to illustrate a concept or technique. Inspired by practice, they a joy to create and share with you here!

To be honest I painted this after reading Bridgette Mayer's 'The Art Cure' and then spoke to her in person about her book and programs to support artists. I felt so energized and inspired and could not contain my excitement - hence the painting title. (!) :-)

Keywords: black, sepia, spacious, spiritual, vibrant, yellow, brown, energetic, gold