Practice, Practice, Practice

  practiceinstudio2016I think a common misconception about a person that is particularly good at something - aka painting, singing, drawing, playing piano, etc -  is that they have some magical talent, or some special product(s), or ability that is other-worldly - something that you couldn't possibly have. Perhaps they do. Perhaps they don't

I, for one, would like to imagine I have a magical talent, though I think more realistically what I have is a big strong passionate calling and definitive pure need to create. And  I sure do have a lot of cool products from the art supply store, though they don't necessarily guarantee me a good painting. And often when a painting comes out of the studio that is beyond WOW, I sure do give GOD full credit for coming in and working through me. Though I truly feel if we surrender and let Source work through us, its available to all of us.

The one under emphasized piece about people that are particularly good at their craft is that we practice, we practice, and we practice. Yup, simple, here on earth, showing up, getting messy, making mistakes, and just doing it again and again.

And here is what I want to share and admit with you tonight: I absolutely, relentlessly, love, love, love to practice painting. It's so fun and liberating because I know I'm just practicing so I can explore, make "mistakes", get dirty, throw it out, change it, re-change it, and mess it up. The practice is my time with me. It's my treasured time with God.

If I could wish one thing for you tonight, dear friend, artist, reader, fellow creative on your path, is that you find that thing you love and enjoy the process, enjoy practice - the greatest gift of all.

[Pictured Above, fresh 'Little Gems' 9" x 12" mixed media paintings from this evening's practice (c) Deb Chaney 2016]