Your wild & precious life

Wild&Precious_IMAGE.jpg Today's quote  from the poet Mary Oliver "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Personally, I plan to feel good, dance, and make lots of art. I plan to adventure in beautiful natural places. I plan to help others by living as an example, in my truth, by being authentic and living an inspired life.  I plan to walk through deep clear puddles in the rain. To appreciate the magic moments. To dream, to write, to allow myself to desire great things for my life. To read great, entertaining and wonderful novels. To daydream and  play along side forest streams. To eat and enjoy gourmet food. To swim naked in the ocean. To camp. To sit by the fire and feel the warmth. To be with horses. To have a dog. To be with and of love and light. To eat layered chocolate vanilla ice-cream cake. I plan to attend a Coldplay concert. I plan to share connections with people  I love who inspire me, energize me, and help me collaborate with them in making both our lives even better. To visit the Hadaii Gwaii. To be at peace with the moment. To feel gratitude for all the good that has been, that is now, that is to come.

and you? what are you wild and wonderful plans?