The Music Inside You

musicinyou_image I recently watched 'The Shift' movie with Wayne Dyer and was so deeply touched by its message, I decided to watch it again. I still feel like I could watch it many more times and learn the simple lessons that I keep forgetting over and over in this life. Today I was particularly inspired by the part where he shares the story of reading a Leo Tolstoy short story about a man, who upon his death bed, realizes he lived his  whole life wrong and who dies with regret. After Dr. Dyer read that story he decided to himself to not die with his music still in him. Well, this posted is dedicated to you Dr. Wayne Dyer, you who have certainly shared your music with all of us through your books, writings, teachings, recording and this profoundly beautiful movie. I know you can see this from where you are - so thank you, thank you, thank you !