Six New Little Gem Paintings

Each of these Little Gems paintings is a visual snapshot of my play and practice as an artist. I began with6 a blank sheets of loose gessoed canvas paper, a few chosen and limited colours of acrylic paints, some mixed media bits such as water soluble pencils, and some fun tools - in this case foam circles and my finger tips! The process is quick and happens with a focus on creating with a few primary marks and this limited palette. As I create I encourage myself to stretch and do things differently each time with the same limitations. Sometimes the pieces work out, sometimes they are beautiful ‘mistakes’ - just like life. But the important part is to keep practicing and enjoying the

From top left, clock-wise. 'Without Hindrance', 'Full Expansion', 'Flow & Trust', 'Absence of Subjection', 'Physically Free' and 'Unaffected by Gravity'. Each are 9" x 12" on loose canvas, easy to frame to match your style & design aesthetic, easy to ship.  or text (604) 736-5111.