Youth World Cup Painting Competition

WorldYouthPntComp I am so deeply honored to be asked to jury in the 4th Annual Youth World Cup Painting Competition this year, headed up by  Barbara Zeigler, Artist & Associate Professor of The UBC Department of Art History. This fundraising event is in collaboration with UNICEF Canada to support their School-in-a-Box Program. This is a box that has all the supplies that a school need such as coloured pencils, notebooks, pencils, chalks, exercise books, illustrated books, rulers, erasers, globe. Along with a solar-power radio, scissors, and a blackboard transformed from the box itself. A box can support the study of 40 students, a size that is a small community school. All the funds raised from this painting compeition will go directly to the designated special account:

You can watch a moving video about this youth art competition here:

And, If you are between the ages of 4 and 25 you can enter the painting competition until July 30, 2016 here:

The following is my greeting letter for the committee for participating as a judge in this event.