Three New Paintings

ContentToBe2016DChaney.pngThree brand new paintings fresh from the studio June 2016 entitled "Content to be right where I am". In this triptych, each original mixed media abstract painting is 23" x 30" on coldpress 300 pound water colour paper and can be mounted on wood panel or framed under glass. All three pieces are available for rent or purchase call/text (604) 736-5111. Best to come to the studio and see the paintings 'in person' if you are in Vancouver, BC, as these are very non-professional pictures taken on my cell phone - you can see the various lighting not working to show off these beauties. I'll have them professionally photographed in due course, but was so excited to share with you as they are new and exciting! Probably the centre picture is the closest to the actual look - they are very light and have an etheral feel to them! See more pieces in this series at Fragments of Life Paintings.