Inside the Studio this week

Today I'm sharing some photos of me working on a painting I've been in process with lately. This is my way of inviting you into my studio and seeing behind that scenes in my creative painting process. Yup, I'm being vulnerable.

I'm still working on  this painting and had the opportunity to bring it into the most recent Layers & Process workshop I taught in April where I shared with the group what this painting is about. It's about finding the balance between connecting with people we love and setting boundaries with them. Something I am learning myself.

I had recently watched a really inspirational video of Brenee Brown being interviewed and sharing that some of the most empathetic, kind, and compassionate people in the world are REALLY great at setting boundaries.This really inspired me. I am continuing to explore this concept through my art making.

This painting is part of my Fragments of Life Series in which each painting in this series is a visual, textural, three-dimensional exploration of something going on in my life personal to me that I often use paint and collage to process.

All the photos posted here are by Ruthie Firefly, my beautiful 12-year-old girl. She did a great job and I am grateful to her for this.