Letter from a Young Art Collector

ValeryWPainting.JPG Paintings in itself, the process, is always and has been for years now the biggest gift for me of being a professional artist. The second biggest gift, for me, is to feel appreciated and valued, especially by  my art collectors. Thank you for this letter today, Valery. I am so happy to include you now with my group of growing art collectors all over the world.

"I am so proud to hold and cherish this painting from Deb Chaney's collection. Upon first sight of this beautiful work, I felt a strong pull and urge to hang it up in my home. It was clear that this mantra and beautiful creative representation had been destined to enter my life as a wonderfully fun and powerful outreach; "I take action, and allow space for attraction." Much can be said and extracted from this very statement, and to me, it serves as a daily reminder that I am in the drivers seat, I am the one incarnate, and I accept this responsibility gifted to me- that moving forward asks of me to take responsibility for myself, on many levels. To do the best I can, release, and trust that the rest is meant to allow space for the universe to present me with what is in the highest divine order. I surrender, and trust as I dance with the universe whilst I accept responsibility for myself, taking action when and where it is needed so that Source can continue to pour blessings my way to be experienced as part of this magical life that I have so generously been blessed and gifted to live. Miracles and magic await! What a tantric dance. Thank you Deb, for this amazing work!" -Valéry Bruneau xx.

Valery is a gifted Reiki Energy Practitioner and soulful aesthetician currently living in Victoria, BC, you can connect with her at: https://shinesthetics.wordpress.com.

Featured painting in above picture with Valery 'I take action and allow space for attraction' 12 " x 12" x 1.5" Mixed Media on Canvas (c) Deb Chaney original sold. Other small paintings available in the Little Gems and Full Moon Frog Pond collections.