April workshop photos

The Layers & Process workshop this past weekend at Parker Studios was such a huge success! First off big thanks to Deborah Bakos for allowing us to take over ‘Ripe Studios’ to use them as our playground. Parker Studios, hands down, has been the most fabulous workshop venue to date. We are so grateful to use this  space, thank you! Secondly, big thank you for Mattius Suedeta for playing  beautiful instrumental background music on Saturday, it was enjoyed by all and we hope you will join us again! And I want to thank each of you that showed up and brought your questions, inspiration, and enthusiasm. What a truly delightful group!

One of the student had to say this about the workshop:

“ Deb, you are so powerful and positive. Each person feel special and safe around you. Through you passion, I am inspired.” - Elizabeth Radomsky