Be an interior designer! Help us choose art for a naturopathic office...

Dear reader, thank you for stopping by! I'd love your opinion, please! A dear friend of mine has opened up a naturopathic doctor's office in California and is looking to decorate it with my art work! Gosh I'm so grateful, touched, and excited.  I'd love if you're willing to participate and give your feedback and be the interior designer for today! I have a LOT of artwork, so there are many choices from my extensive portfolios, however to simplify the process, I've steered her towards the Fragments of Life Series work for several reasons:
  • Most of this work is on paper so its easy to ship
  • Some of these paintings have the same green colours shown in two of the office rooms
  • Works on paper can be framed and matted with an aesthetic that will match the decor and feel of the office - she can add her own sense of style
  • These artworks were painted in series so they can be hung next to each other and look great.

For reference I'm calling the rooms; the green room, the sink room, and office room 1 & 2. Pictured above.

Please do leave your comments below with a link from my website to the piece you think would fit in the specified room. I'm excited to see your ideas

And, as a thank you for those that participate, if the good doctor chooses your recommendation, I'd like to offer you one of the following: 50% off an original piece of my artwork or 25% off the painting workshop I am offering in Vancouver, BC in April.