Vancouver Art Studio Available

Lori Sokoluk  is looking for one more artist to share space in her new studio.Here's the info on the space, and a few (under renovation) photos:

Space available in shared studio 1200sf studio in Strathcona area of Vancouver, BC with good natural light and ventilation; within Crawl boundaries; opposite a park. You'll be sharing with 3 relaxed by professional artists. You'll have 140sf private space plus shared storage, kitchen, lounge, and open flex space. Perfect for painters, jewelers, writers, photographers... no toxic materials, kilns, dusty practices or heavy machinery. $500/month includes heat, electricity, wifi, garbage and recycling service. Available March 1, 2016. Contact Lori Sokoluk 604-782-3511

Photos: 1. exterior of the private space that is available 2. inside the private room that is available 3. part of the large open space (other artists and flex space)