The Little Red & Green Christmas Painting Project

LittleXmas2015_iLittleXmas2015_iii LittleXmas2015_iiLittleXmas2015_ivI’m hunkering down for Christmas now and playing with making a few little paintings. I snapped  a few shots during the process of making these  paintings which I'm calling 'The Little Red & Green Christmas Paintings'. These are each the size of a big postcard, each of them painted on a hand torn piece of 300 pound water colour paper (giving them a deckled edge) with heavy body acrylic paints using a palette knife.  I stared the series by choosing 3 parameters 1) colours - I decided green & red  with a few other colours to punch it up 2) composition - I decided these would be a landscape composition 3) content - these pieces are about freedom, space, playfulness and experimentation. Enjoy the in process pictures!