Today's Play: Is the Painting Finished?


Today's painting in process in the studio. Here's the big question, is it finished? How do you know?  Many seasoned artists have an internal sense within themselves when a painting is finished, some do not. Come join me this November 2015 in Vancouver at the Beaumont Studios where I will be teaching 'Layers & Process: A Journey in Abstract Painting with Mixed Media & Acrylics' and I will share with you the 3 C's, the 3 WOW's and the fool proof system I use to tell if a painting is finished. You can register here: Layers & Process workshop.  As yet untitled in process painting above is 23 " x 30 " Acrylics & Mixed Media on 300 pound paper (c) Deb Chaney 2015. See more work similar to this at: Deb Chaney Original Art Fragments of Life.