Donating Art to Charity: I am Taking a Stand

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Recently, I was contacted by two charity organizations based here in  Vancouver whom I have supported, several times in the past, by donating a piece of my original art.  I take full responsibility for these organizations asking me to donate work; she's given her art to us before, why not again? That was the old me. I've changed. In the past I did not appreciate myself and my artwork, nor the time, effort, talent, dedication, focus and hard work I put into creating my artwork. But I do now. Here's  the letter I wrote this year in response to their request for art donations. As you can see, I've changed:

Dear Charity Organization,

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm regarding my artwork and request for a piece of my artwork for your auction.

I am, for the first time in my career, going to ask that as much as I’d be so happy to participate in the auction, this time it need to be of fair exchange.

I think Taylor Swift sums it up beautifully in her blog post to Apple Inc. (link below) concerning their decision to deny artists payment for their music. She states that for her, with the level of success she has attained, it WOULD be possible for her to let her music go for free. But for many, many artists - such as myself - we cannot survive by continuously giving away our products, good, and time for free.

I am asking not just for myself, but for all artist who dedicate so much time, energy, their own money, blood, sweet and tears into their work, that we re-write this old pattern of artists simply giving away their art for free and create a new standard whereby we are honored and compensated fairly for what we contribute, so that not only does the charity thrive, but so does the artist.

Let’s honor the artist and the charity so that EVERYONE can thrive.

Thank you and Sincerely,

Deb Chaney Contemporary Abstract Artist


You can see the original 'Romance'  36" x 24" x 1.5" Mixed Media, Acrylics on Canvas at the Vancouver Pacific Midwifery Office office (604) 874-7999 located Suite 517, 1540 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2 Sale inquiries See more paintings in this series at