Flash from the past - Ron Mulvey

RonMulveySlocanOver the weekend I received (with great surprise) a wonderful encouraging email from my very first art teacher, Ron Mulvey with whom I had taken my first acrylic painting class over fifteen years ago now, when I lived in Nelson, British Columbia. Oddly enough I still have a few of the paintings I worked on in his class. I remember Ron saying that one of the most important things in making a good painting was choosing quality paints. Here's what he wrote to me; "Love your work Deb and so grateful your going the distance. Here is a little sketch from the Slocan River at Springtime (shown above). A taste of home!!" Ron lives with his wife Sara on 45 acres by the Little Slocan River in British Columbia. They have a Summer camp for kids in July that is fun and inspirational, details here: http://www.theartabet.com/rons-art-story/. Ron, Thank you for being in touch and remembering me! I am touched!