Just met Greg Smith from Rookie Blue (TV) !!!

RookieBlueCastCoolest thing ever happened today! I just met Greg Smith, star of the Canadian  TV series Rookie Blue (Officer Dov Epstein), while walking downtown Vancouver today. (pictured above, last officer on the right) We spoke briefly as we crossed the street together and he was so kind and down to earth. I told him that I loved the show (I do!) and that my dream was to have my original art used in TV and Film on sets. I then asked him if it would be OK for me to give him my card? Moment of truth: My hands were shaking as I handed him my business card showcasing my large ‘Storming’ abstract landscape piece! (pictured below).  Greg,  if you’re reading this, thanks again for being so cool and for taking my card to support my dream of my artworks in TV and Film !!! Gratitude 2015!!!DC_back2014