Taiwain Design Show all set up!

10665760_10154555063255391_4504056969118127878_n10645169_10154555872815391_6080097808229312157_n 10320362_10154557105605391_6593003761929795250_n10635871_10154557094310391_1605018343335365826_n As I prepare to leave for a month long artist residency just outside of Rome, Italy, three of my friends and fellow artists Mario Sabljak, Jussi Leppanen,and Robert Turriff are now in Taiwan, having just set up the exhibit of our work as WE ARE EAST VAN (WEAV) with the Taiwanese public at the Designer Week Taiwan. WEAVare Mark HendersonDieter Schlatter, Deb Chaney, Darcy Davis, Ahbyah Baker. Big gratitude for the guys representing us! Exciting! (Love the Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger thing guys!!!)