Video of Aritst Talk "Where Spirituality Meets Physicality"

Where Spirituality meets Physicality, is a series large-scale  abstract landscape paintings by Deb Chaney were created while exploring into the question; where does spirituality meet physicality?

In each painting, the earth/ground represents the physical nature of existence where Deb taps into her technical knowledge of acrylics and mediums,  mixed media and raw earth materials materials, to create thick textured earthy matter "physicality". 

The sky/upper portion of each painting represent the spiritual nature of existence where the artist taps into the unseen realm of spirit, faith, surrender, trust, and inner listening allowing these to guide her gestural manipulation of liquid acrylics and polymer mediums to express the "spirituality".

The actual doing and process of creating these painting allows her to gain insight into this question of where and perhaps how spirituality and physicality meet. You can hear some of her answers which will be revealed during her Artist's talk recorded live at Britannia Library Gallery in Vancouver April 2013 and shown here on You Tube.

The paintings I talk about during this show will be professionally photographed and exhibited in my online portfolio next month in May.