Breathing Space: Butchart Gardens

This past summer, my daughter Ruthie's grandfather Bill came out to visit from California and the three of us went to Victoria to be tourists and experience Butchard Gardens for the first time. The Gardens were beautiful and inspiring in many ways. Here are a few photos from our day there in August.

Little waterfalls.

Very relaxing just sitting here by the water wheel and listening to the sound of the trickling water.

lots of luck

This view point looked out on a valley with beautifully manicured gardens ( photo below)

You can imagine Monet painting here amoungst the ponds and lillies, beautiful!

These flower remind me of my mum. :-)

This tree was in the japanese garden. That was my favourite section of the gardens. And, of course, I'm awlays a sucker for trees!

Unlike Vandusen Gardens here in Vancouver, we were not allowed on the lawn. Bummer.

Ruthie just loving running through here. I think they do a lot of weddings in this garde, looks perfect for it!