Creative How To - Starting a Creative Project

This blog is dedicated to Gabriella, who has a book inside her ready to be born. It’s about how to start a creative project – any project you choose - and creating a rhythm to keep it going and make some legitimate progress on the creative project.

I’m going to build this blog by offering you a few key cards from my creative card pack The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist that are integral in supporting Gabriella in the beginning of her journey of starting to write a book, and hopefully you, in any project you want to start.

BEGIN. There must be a few good reasons why you want to *write this book. Start by writing these reasons out. Why do you want to do project x anyways? Put pen to paper and get clear on this. This is your purpose. The WHY. The reason you are even considering doing this project.

Then, I want you to take it to the next step and write out why you are excited or juiced about this project. I call this my E-list. In the case of this list, just make it relevant to this project.

*write this book = do this project, whatever creative project you are embarking on…

KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.  Before you go any further in getting started with your creative project I want to share this next concept with you here, as it’s very important. Did you know that talking about this project or telling your friends about it creates the same reactions in your brain as actually doing it? Therefore when you tell someone about it – instead of actually doing it – your brain doesn’t know the difference and you are less likely to do it. Read the card and follow this advice until you have so much momentum with your creative project that it will no longer matter if you talk about it because you have become an illuminated artist: creatively unstoppable. Until then button your lips.


SCHEDULE TIME. Next, you know this inherently. If you don’t make – and more powerfully -  schedule time to work  this project, it won’t happen. So if you really want to succeed long term, it’s been proven again and again that small steps are the best way to create lasting long term chance. Choose a time each day when you can do 10 minutes on this project. If that brings up anxiety or other less than desirable feelings, lower the number. Start with 5 minutes or event 1 minute. Just make sure you do this every day.

  As you start doing your daily 10 minutes you want to incorporate ways to make it fun – then you’ll be more likely to keep at it.  Light a candle. Play music. Have cookies waiting next to your pen and paper/tools/computer/work session.  When I was working on my first book The Little Inspiration Book   I used to put hot water and Epsom salts and lavender aromatherapy into a large bowl and soak my feet while I wrote.  Maybe what’ll make it fun for you is working in different locations like a coffee shop or at the beach. Have a little list available with a few ideas so they are ready to support you.

CELEBRATE YOUR PROGRESS. Bottom line is if you are working on a project on your own, and especially if you've followed the first guideline to keep it to yourself, there will be no cheering squad waiting  on the other side of hte door once you've written the first page, or first chapter, or for establishing your writing/working schedule. In this case I ask you be your own cheering squad. Time some time and do something to celebrate your forward progress. Anchor it in yourself that you're doing great and that you can keep going. Pat yourself on the back. say YES!! outloud real loud. Take yourself out for dinner. Get a mani pedi. Whatever it is that works for you. But, please, do something. If you want to create some accountability, sign it to blogger and post your celebratory act here in the Comments section. I'm sure other readers would be pleased to get ideas from you.

Need more support? These are only a few cards from the 68 card pack  The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist you can order the whole pack (all 68 cards) for $25 plus shipping/handling from me