New Music I'm playing in my Studio

There is nothing like having great tunes to play in the studio while working. Music gives me energy, inspires me, and often makes sometimes a difficult process way more fun.

Here's 5 new musician/bands/artists I'm playing lately that are new -for me anyways!:

John Mayer. Oh wow, he is just so unbelievably amazing.  I first heard of John Mayer through Taylor Swift's song "dear john". Yeah, I understand she got burned after they split up. Well, i couldn't help but be curious about this musician she was with and after listening to his Battle Studies album and then Continuum, well, I"m so hooked on this sexy voiced guitarist. Fav song? Hmmmm, I Love ' Stop this Train', 'Gravity' and 'Perfectly Lonely'.

Here's John playing Gravity at the Grammy's. Oh man! I am eating my heart out!

Paramore. I found this group via Twilight soundtrack. Yup, I'm a super big Twighlight fan. Just love the movies, especially the most recent when Bella has a baby and become a vampire ( oh dear hope i didn't spoil it for you but it's been out for a while). The first song of theirs I fell in love with was 'i caught myself'. Then I went out and got these albums: Brand New Eyes and Riot! I'm still listening and exploring them so I can't say I have a favourite song but they have my attention.

Here's a Paramore song on youtube to give you a feel of them called 'that's what you get'

Paul Cantelon. My daughter (she just turned 9) was teasing me the other day about the number of boyfriends I have had over the last couple of years. It's true. I've dated a lot of men. The one benefit is when you get to know someone new you often get to learn new music. I love this part about making new friends or having new relationships. So, yes, one of my ex's (too many to count at this point in time) told me about this pianist/composer Paul Catelon. You'll hear his melodic and somewhat sad piano music in the background of tons of movies. I went to a yoga class the other day and noticed the teacher was playing it. I smiled smugly to myself and thought to myself 'hey, i know this music!!". it's the kind of music you put on when it's pouring rain outside and you're working on a book or  a painting, or if you should be so lucky, doing other things with someone special. It's basically relaxing background music with emotion. I have his Point no Point album.

Here's a piece of his music called 'Theme From The Diving Bell And The Butterfly'

Buddha Bar.  Super cool mix. I think there are more than 6 CD's under this title with a whole lot of artists and various genres. I first heard of buddha bar from my ex-husband Matt. He was working in Los Vegas for several of the major hotels in  the MGM group as a consultant he was at a restaurant bar one evening and really liked the music they were playing. He asked the bar tender and what 'd you know, it was Buddha Bar.
There are tons of Buddha Bar CD's available. Ahh the beauty of living in an artist work/live community. We share music amoung other things, so lucky  me I have 6 of these records!
Honestly I don't think I've listened to it all yet but it also makes a great background to put on if you're having a party or a social event! ( Open studio perhaps? :)) 

To get a quick taste of this music just click on their main website and they play the music:

Chilled. I found this album by accident at the library and got hooked. I kept re-newing it again and again until the library system woudn't let me have it anymore!It it just such a cool album. Up beat and fun and music I had not heard before. I'm seriously considering putting some of these songs into my yoga classes!

My Fav song from this album?  Fun for Me by Moloko You gotta listen to it!!!! Here's the link on youtube:
I would say of the 5 albums/artsits I've listed in this blog, this collection of 3 CD's is my fav!!!!

Now it's your turn....

If you read this and enjoy it, pls do share what you're playing in your studio an share with with other artists all over the world! It's so fun to learn about new music! Thank you!!! ( links to youtube are great so we can listen to it)