Fundamentals of Facilitation

This week I’m excited and proud to present to you an amazing woman, Leslie Robinson, who will be visiting us here in Vancouver from Calgary this August  to offer her foundation workshop: Fundamental of Facilitation.

Leslie is a fun, popular, and highly effective international facilitator who trains trainers with solid, instantly applicable training frameworks, skills, and techniques…and powers them up using energy principles like the power of intention and the law of attraction.  Leslie pioneered experiential learning in Canada, the US, and Australia through her tourism training programs and publishing company and was a member of the team creating the award winning Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Victoria.  

Leslie also taught for years in the renowned Provincial Instructor Diploma Program and is a facilitator and trainer in the internationally acclaimed Instructional Skills Workshop.  Leslie's Masters degree in Adult Education is in resistance (to learning), change, quantum physics, and accelerating learning. She combines her extensive knowledge and skill in applied metaphysics.  Her classes are filled with laughter, music, magic.


This is a one time workshop offering for the leaders in my community looking to facilitate a group, run their own workshops or learn how to manage a group or team better.

This August 2012 I will be hosting Leslie Robinson, MA Adult Ed

This is a leadership course for entry level trainers and advanced trainers seeking foundational frameworks and to fill their training tool kit with tips and tricks and for those seeking a refreshing new approach to using training as a catalyst for positive change and transformation within themselves and their organizations.  This course may be taken as a stand alone, or as a prerequisite for her Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program

Who would benefit from this workshop and WHY?  Team leaders from every walk in life: teachers, corporate trainers, nurses, realtors, welders, bakers, artists, spiritual leaders, healers, musicians, parents.  You will walk away with practical skills to increase productivity and efficiency, save time, reduce costs, while empowering learners to bring positive change to their lives and organizations

This course  lays the practical foundation of your facilitation, leadership, and training  practice. Offered in a highly effective and safe framework, you will be able to create a safe and nurturing learning environment, establish clear, strong, powerful goals, design lesson plans, deliver effective facilitations, provide exceptionally constructive feedback, reflect critically on our own learning as a facilitator of learning (!), and create an action plan to integrate these techniques into your daily practice.
DATES/TIMES: Monday August 6th - Wednesday August 8th. 3 days. 9-5 PM  
COST: $  597 plus tax
LOCATION: The ARC live/work Studios 1701 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC
REGISTRATION: 604-736-5111

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