Fan Mail - it's wonderful to be loved! Thank you!

Once in a while I get an eEmail from a kind stranger who bought a copy of the Little Inspiration Book and o discovered something valuble in it and/or got inspired and wanted to connect with me out of appreciation for putting it out there. Michael Mercy,  living near Toronto, ON, both an actor and writer, currently working on a series of poems  sent me this beautiful poem that I wanted to share with you here on my blog. Michael - Thank you! You can check out Michael's work at:

Random Poem of Kindness

Hi again, my artist friend
It seems it’s been a while
So I just thought I’d send you this
In hopes it brings a smile

I stumbled on your little book

While going through my shelf
And leafed through it and after a
Few pages thought to self:

“I should send this beautiful soul
A note that will remind
Of what an inspiration that
She is and just how kind

And caring and selfless one has

To be to write such text
To help others survive their day
And have strength for the next"

So for all those who drew strength from
Your pages, let me say
Thanks for inspiration, sister
And for you, I pray

The same strength, grace and love to be
Returned to you in spades
I hope your inspiration for

Helping all never fades  :)