What is an Illuminate Artist?

As you know if you follow my work and this blog, I will soon be releasing my new book: The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist - how to stay in your creative flow despite any obstacle. So the big question that propels itself to be answered is what the heck is an illuminated artist? This is right out of the book and a little preview and a thank you to all you dedicated blog readers ...

What is an illuminated Artist?

Great question. Before we start this adventure of reading, learning, and integrating the 68 secrets of and Illuminated Artist it might be good to get clear on what an illuminated artist is.

So what is an “illuminated artist”? I consider an illuminated artist a soul whose inner light has been lit up and who is creativity alive, inspired, and conscious of it.

The best example I can give you of how you may experience this would be the shift that I see occur in many of my workshop or retreat participants. At the beginning, participants arrive and their eyes are often dull; they could be tired of life, stressed out, uninspired, confused, leery of me and my sometimes pretty out there ways, Whatever it is, often they are somewhat closed down. After a few hours, or for some after a day or two, there is this shift that occurs and the only way I can describe it is their eyes get brighter. Sometimes goes off and they might start dancing while the paint, or humming while they work, or actually talking about loud in the course of the workshop and really expressing themselves authentically. It’s like a switch kicks on and voila, they become what I consider an illuminated artist.

You’re lucky. You don’t need the workshop or retreat to get illuminated. If you really let yourself soak up and apply what gems are within the pages of this book, chances are you will get your illumination on - and then, watch out world!