Breathing Space: Whidbey Island

If you follow my blog you'll have read many weeks ago that I skipped out an having an opening at Havana Gallery and opted for a 4 day weekend away with my family on Whidbey Island. Yup, time for some breathing space and re-connecting with nature - and my family! Here are some photos my Dad took during the weekend away. (thanks Dad!)

My little monkey girl hanging around!

4 days of stellar sun drenched crisp winter weather. could not have asked for more.

Looking towards the Olympic Peninsula.

Mt. Baker in full view. Looks like a big ice cream cone!

Bald Eagle.

View as we walked down the beach. Never gets old.

Ruthie inside the fort we made. Super cool fort! Oh yeah!

Mum and I attempting to sleep in while Ruthie was telling us it's playtime. (That's when we went out and made the fort)