Havana Gallery: New Pure Abstraction Paintings

Birds on a Wire

Mixed Media, Acrylics, & Collage on Canvas
36 x 36 “

Just a wee little blog to announce the opening for a short 2 week show "Pure Abstraction" Abstract mixed media works on canvas being held Havana Gallery. The show went up last Thursday and I was warmly received by Havana restaurant staff and gallery curator Patrick as well as the restaurant owner. I do have to say that the staff were incredibly enthusiastic, curious, excited, and supportive as I set up - Thank you all!

Dates: Show runs Feb 5 - Feb. 18, 2012

Location: Havana Cafe and Restaurant

1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3X4

Ph (604) 253-9119 loc. 402

website: http://www.havanarestaurant.ca/

Gallery Advisor: Ken Conquer

Artist Liaison: Patrick O’Doherty

All Red

30 x 40 “ Mixed Media, Acrylics, on canvas.

I decided not to have an opening as I chose to go away with my family to Whidbey Island that weekend instead --- see photos of my short getaway on an upcoming "breathing space" blog post -- however if you are interested in purchasing any of the works I'd be delighted to meet with you there. info@debchaney.com (604) 736-5111.

Uncommon Lines I & II

(on the left)

Mixed Media, Acrylics, & Collage on Canvas

As a side note, during my art show set up I got to see the back theatre which to be honest until now I didn't even know existed! It's super cute hidden away behind the restaurant and can fit 50 people with shows ongoing and comedy being featured on the weekends.

3 paintings from left to right

Vancouver Morning

28 x 36” Mixed Media

Romance II

36 x 34” Mixed Media, Acrylics on Canvas

Mystic Places

40 x 30” Mixed Media, Acrylics

& Sand on Canvas

Here's a link to the theatre schedule if you're in the area and would enjoy a live performance:


You can see many of these paintings up close and in detail here: http://www.debchaney.com/debchaney/Art_Portfolio/Pages/PureAbstraction.html#0