Telus TV Interview

Last year (2011) I was contacted by TELUS TV Producer, Mia Jagpal, who had seen a workshop flyer of mine posted at a coffee shop in Gastown, got intrigued about my art, myself, and my story and called me to ask for an in studio interview.

It was the week prior to the Culture Crawl so my studio was set up to show art, not really make it. Never the less 2 and a half hours later we talked about art, creativity, my process and inspiration and they even got me painting! (best part!) Oddly enough the little painting I worked on during the filming ( a 9 x 12" little gem on loose canvas) ended up selling to one of the first collectors that stopped by my studio the Culture Crawl weekend!

Here is a link to where you can see what aired on local TELUS TV from the interivew. I think Mia said they could condense 2.5 hours into 7 minutes so it'll be interesting to see what remained!

**Please note, my segment comes third after the underground circus and healthy shopping features.

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