2012 New Year's Goals

As is my custom since I started writing a blog, now nearly 5 years ago, every year at the start of the year I share my goals.

I've learned that the simpler my goals are, the more likely I am to keep my commitments and make the goal.

I like specifically setting goals in various areas of my life that are important to me such as health, friends, travel, my daughter Ruthie, and my business/earnings. There are many other

categories I'm sure but these came up quickly and easily for me and seem important this year.

In sharing my goals with you ( thanks for reading!) it makes me even more committed to keep my word. It's also my hope that I inspire you to set off and make your dreams and goals come true by first putting them in writing. Good luck and feel free to share one or more of your 2012 goals in the comments section below the blog!

Deb's New year's Resolutions/Goals for 2012

(in no particular order, all these categories are important)

Health - just being, dancing, eating well, yoga, deep breaths, walks, sauna, skiing, hiking,

journalling, art making for me.

Business - Delegate as much as my business as possible.

Friends - connections, music, laughter, trust, reciprocation, good food, gatherings with women, walks.

Money - Double (or more) my 2011 income and save 15% of what I earn.

Travel -- Visit France/Spain-- bring my bike and tour!

Ruthie -- camping together in the summer to the Queen Charlotte Islands. (Hadai Gwai)