Breathing space: Dungeness Recreation Area, WA

Today I wanted to go back and tell you where I got the name "Breathing Space" from for the blogs where I show pictures of places I've hiked or camped and enjoyed the great outdoors and share them with you as an inspiration. That is, in the center of every Oprah Magazine there is a two page spread of a scene from somewhere in the world in nature and I'm pretty sure they call it Breathing Space.

I used to subscribe to O Magazine when I lived in Los Angeles and to me at that time, since I was so far away from the kind of wilderness I'd grown up with in British Columbia, those two pages were truly breathing space for me.

After moving back to Vancouver, I started this monthly blog tradition not only, I hope to give you a sense of space, beauty, and that great energy from nature, but also to remind myself to get out there!

So this month are some photos I took on my summer camping trip with my Ruthie girl so a most beautiful spot called the Dungeness Recreation Area in Washington. If you are close enough and looking for a beautiful spot to camp - this would be it. The campgrounds are tucked away in the woods with fire pits and access to quarter operated hot showers and just next door is the Dungeness spit where you can walk right out along the narrow spit into the Strait for miles and's beautiful and a weird experience at the same time!

Photo taken from on the spit

At the start of the hike, where the spit meets the mainland and there is a lagoon there.

The mountains are part of those within the Olympic Peninsula.

Beautiful beach rocks.

Just love the clouds!

Drift wood can be art in itself.

This photo pretty much describes June and July 2011 in the Pacific Northwest: cloudy and grey!

The road going back up to the parking lot.