A Glimpse of the Uncommon Thread Show this weekend at the ARC

Here's a glimpse of the Uncommon Thread show last night at The ARC. Ruthie and I went down and enjoyed the art, some food and the wonderful community of residents and visitors .

Ruthie standing in front of the two paintings I completed for the show. Uncommon Lines I & II

30" x 48" Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas.

The wayyy cool bar in the back room. Totally reminded me of Star Trek! Serving Beverages of all types!

Heather Lidberg's art/installation piece is a must see 'in the flesh' - combining a background silouhette painting with small plastic war action figures the piece is a statement in itself.

Ruthie standing in front of Marie Wusner's photo installation of images she captured from graffiti in Queens, NY. This is, by far, my favourite piece of the show.

Again, another glipse of Marie's installation of graffiti photographs.

And, if you can read this. This is all about the installation. (Best to come and see live tonight or Sunday!) :)

Here I am enjoying marie's photo installation. The concept really drew me in and I really enjoyed seeing this idea she's told me about of so many photos carefully put together to re-create this scene she shot in NY. So Cool!

A great glimpse of NY graffiti "diabetic coke". What a statement.

Thomas Hughes beautiful wood work. The boxes are gorgeous.

Custom made by ARC resident Thomas Hughs. beautiful.

Painting talent, whoa! Amazing.

Lots of great great food we all enjoyed and still there will be more for Sat & Sunday!

wire sculpture.

This is the most ingenious art installation I've ever seen! It's a film and live performance created by Rena del Piece Gobbi and is a film of thread...You simply have to stop by and see it. She's knitted the reel and turned it into a movie. She'll be knitting with Jamie all weekend. Super creative.
A laptop computer shows the film created to date based on what they have knitted.

The installation from afar. So original!

Some beautiful paintings by another talented artist at the ARC.

Later on in the evening this heavy metal band not only played but also (ugh) set off the entire building fire alarm with their performance and the "smoke". We missed the music but sure heard the fire alarm until the fire men came to turn it off!

Visitors enjoying the show
Amazing metal work.


We even had a few children visitors!

Our resident glass sculpture artist - Eli - enjoying some of the other artists' work.

The show is still open this weekend - Saturday (TONIGHT) and Sunday evenings . Here are all the details: uncommon thread variety show at the ARC. Common' by.