Photos from March 2011 Brock House Art Show

Bev sent these lovely photos from our student art show last week at Brock House! Thank you Bev!

Dorita and Abby - looking gorgeous girls. Relaxing after all that hard work panting for 9 weeks!

Bev, proudly showing off her beautiful canvas pad pieces. Bev got so excited during the span of this class that she got insomnia many nights and would wake up at 4 am to paint!

Heather is not only a fantastic painter but also makes hand made books that she shared with us during the class. I had the pleasure to meeting her daughter and also her daughter in law at the art show.
Elizabeth's work had such vibrant colours, we all enjoyed her pieces she is showing here.

A few of my Little Gems series, many of which originate from demonstrations I make during class and that become finished art shows. See more Little Gem 9 x 12" original art pieces here:

My Dad, Rob Bear, showed up to say hello, enjoy some lunch and show his support for myself and my class. He left that evening for Australia! Love you Dad. xoxox