Goals for 2010

2010 Goals. I have been setting goals now for over 10 years and often, although it is a little scary putting out 'there' posting as personal as this to the world, it motivates me to keep my commitments. So, that said, here it is, what is important for me to create, enjoy, do, and become in this new year - 2010. Deb.

Art Career

Have the www.debchaney.com website up and running -- Jan 25, 2010, it's up!

Have a studio and go there on a regular basis – create a working studio schedule --- YES!

Finish the commission painting I was asked to do and present 3 options to the client

Teach an art class – VSB or Vancouver Community Centers --- curriculum submitted...

Get my artwork out on exhibit in Vancouver -- am applying to the East end Culture Crawl for 2010. yesssss!!!

Illuminate the Artist Within™ (ITAW)

  • Product development- Complete and publish Creativity Cards, ideas, tricks and secrets to ignite and support creativity. ---- 3 rounds of editing done, now in design phase Jan 30, 2010. Mock up cards, round one, complete (Feb 2010)
  • Create vision board on foam core for the ultimate concept of ITAW– teaching, speaking, retreats, products

Give a public information talk about the benefits of creativity and being in creative process at a local library or other public venue.

Look over what I've completed and the requirements for my Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Certification and talk to Jill Badonsky about finishing this up.

Try something new in art making – silkscreening? guitar playing? --- went to a block printing demo.


Do a yoga class at least once a week and research a yoga instructor class.

Hike, beach walk, swim, regularly. -- been riding my bike to work

Stretch and do basic yoga and muscle toning daily in the morning! Yes!

Personal Growth/spirit

Do the FORUM landmark weekend seminar - copmleted Jan 2010. Just signed up for Advanced Course, with my Dad!

Look into Vancouver Toastmasters groups to begin to practice speaking in public with the vision of becoming comfortable public speaking.

Do the 7 laws of spiritual success for children with Ruthie (for kids) Deepak Chopra’s book, lay out a daily plan


Grow and meet more friends and have a circle here in Vancouver

Deep gratitude for friends I have now, both new and old

Love myself more and more, no matter what, every day.

Have the confidence to be myself completely with no concern as to what others may think or judge, act as if I’ve already died, life fully


Find peace in my relationship with my parents.

Be firm and loving with Ruthie.


Be active and meditative in nature on a regular basis both alone and with friends….





Art openings

Plays and movies

Make jewelry

Try something new – dodge ball?


Meet with Leyla’s husband, make a budget, and look at it vs my spending monthly - Met with Leyla and Joe Last Saturday and talked about setting up an auto savings account, now I gotto go and set it up ! (Feb 2010)

Save $ on every pay check, - set up auto transfer to savings

Save regularly for retirement

Continue learning about money and investing

If you made it this far and are inspired to do your own goals (yes!) Here is a wonderful tool many life coaches use with their clients to check you are hitting all areas of your life. Often called the wheel of life: