Eating your ultimate dream for breakfast, anyone?

Hand painted breakfast bowl. Don’t know dimensions.

Not for sale. Used every morning for breakfast with oatmeal, etc.

Eating your ultimate dream for breakfast, anyone? And no, I’m not selling you a breakfast cereal, its all about the bowl…read on.

We all have dreams. Some of them big. Some small. They propel us. They motivate us. They may sometimes confuse and frustrate us. Right or wrong, good or bad, I’ve got a big dream and I sure hope you do too. What’s life without one?

Bottom line is you’re not just here to do your 9-5 and you know it. There is always some underlying magical purpose or reason we are here…Part of your reason for being here is to figure that out – your purpose – who you really are beyond the conditioned self and outward appearances. And the other part of your journey is sharing that unique talent and piece of yourself with the rest of the world, giving the gift you were meant to give.

[We’re here to give it all away ‘cause you can’t take anything with you once you leave this plane of existence. And so we learn as we give that the more we give the more we truly receive. That the saying that we only keep what we give away becomes true.]

So, you’re wondering, what is this big dream of Deb’s. We’ll, its simple. I have a concept called Illuminate the Artist Within ™ whereby I’d like to create a workshop retreats and products to ignite, inspire, and empower participants to realize the artist within themselves. I believe we are all artist in our own realms – we’re all here creating our own lives, our own personal masterpieces. The concept is not crystal yet, but I am trusting the evolution of the idea.

Ok, so you’re wondering what does this have to do with the darn bowl?

The other day I went out on a rainy Saturday afternoon with my six year old girl and took her to a place where you buy an unfinished piece of pottery and paint it. She chose a beautiful fairy maiden. I chose a bowl. While she worked away painting her fairy, I thought about creating a bowl that would summarize Illuminate the Artist Within ™ and what is meant to me, what I wanted it to encompass, and I stopped there. Its too big, there are too many possibilities at this point in time and it would be hard to pin it down and somehow illustrate it on a bowl.

So, I asked myself the question: Who would I have to become to create this vision, this company, these workshop retreats, teaching videos, creative products? What characteristics would I need to embody to be the founder of Illuminate the Artist Within™ ? And from that the words came and I painted them on the bowl:


What are my next steps? I’m going to apply to teach an energizing water media abstract painting class through the Vancouver School Board adult night school program. Application is December 15th. I’ve got a friend here in town who has promised to review my proposal. I’m also going to be leading a Vein of Gold (Julia Cameron’s sequel to the Artist Way) online class starting in January…this will get posted on the new website shortly. Two steps to get leadership and teaching experience and to begin to fortify my dream.

Here is my question for you dear reader. Who do you need to become to realize your dream? What qualities must you embody to make your dream a reality? Take a moment and write those down. Not sure of your dream, if you even have one...ahhh…you’ve come to the right place – join me in January as I facilitate the Vein of Gold – Journey into your creative heart. Your dream and more will surely emerge from this process. Check at for this online workshop details.

The journey continues! Stay posted!