SMIGs has changed...

OK, I feel a little bad that I've kept you out of the loop. But honestly, there is no loop as I haven't told anyone before writing this blog. I changed SMIGs...a nightly ritual I made up to support artists and creative souls.

S - for success. For example, today I added 5 names to my database, worked on a project that for the sake of its creative gestation shall remain secret (for now), and had a great heart to heart talk with my mum.

Magic Moments - today I watched my daugther play in the ocean with another little boy, ohh it was so sweet. They were playing with a floating log and he was on the log and she was pushing him out to sea, it was so dear watching them work together.

Intuition - My intuition is guiding me to get more sleep and take care of myself right now. (this used to be Intention but this idea of holding some idea in tension seemed, well, a little tense so I decided to change it)

Gratitude - I'm so grateful for my Dad driving up the west coast with me and helping me move, i'm so grateful for a place to live, for all the wonderful phone calls and facebook posts on my facebook for my birthday, for being at whidbey island for the summer, for the ocean and the fresh air and peace and quite and I'm 'so grateful for my art and the joy it gives me to create it.

s - the little 's' reminds us to keep making small steps towards our dreams, goals and creative projects. Never, never, never give up. Shoot for the stars, you might hit the moon. The impossible just takes longer. Keep going.

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