Film Maker wanted


Deb Chaney is looking for a film maker to do a series of vignette videos about her work and behind the scenes in the studio for marketing purposes.

 The goal is to create twelve (12) 5-8 minute video vignettes featuring behind the scenes in the painting studios of Deb Chaney, contemporary abstract artist, plus a “who is deb” 3-4 minute intro video to get new comers acquainted with deb in general.

 The time line of this work is to begin Monday may 25th , 2009( Memorial Day) and have the videos filmed and ready to edit and upload by June 25th , 2009at the latest. The films would be shot in Deb’s home studio in Santa Barbara.

 I am looking for a video film/producer/editor  - could be a film student, professional or amateur hobbyist that know how to get around a SONY camcorder, create appropriate lighting and pick up excellent sound as well as transcribe the digital video to a computer, edit it and organize it in to jive systems web server, ready to broadcast.

 YOU must be on your game, organized, efficient and know your medium: FILM. My job would be to show up, dress up, look pretty, be passionate and talk about my work in my studio. All the other  details, including working with jivesystems to integrate the video into their system would be up to you.

 YOU must have prior experience and proficiency in recording short films.

 I have a tripod, SONY digital camcorder, lots of digital tapes, and a studio.

 YOU must have lighting, microphone, computer for editing - and know how to do it.

 YOU must have a can do/ get it done “I always find a way” attitude. What we don’t have we can borrow. What we need we’ll attract it. Etc.

Each video will stand alone and  be a story behind the studio production of deb’s art work and creative life. There will be quick introduction followed by a focus on a painting, how it got made, what its communicating, how deb stays inspired – studio tricks and anything else that someone purchasing a piece of art from a gallery would not know. The little feature can be entertaining, educational, light and fun.

 The goal of the features/vignette is to stay in communication with collectors, educate them, inspire them and for those who have shown interest in my work and encourage them to look through the website, see what’s available and purchase a work. As well as give them a call to action: if you want to buy a painting in inventory directly from deb, this is what you can do now.

 YOU must thoroughly Check out jive systems take their webinar (free) & see how they do this. (

 PAYMENT/AGREEMENT. This would be an opportunity for you to support another artist, grow your portfolio, gain experience, get YOUR name out there. I have no budget or monetary resources at this time. If you are capable you could get a grant, this would make an excellent and clearly definable project. If you are a student, especially in film or art, you could do this project as an Internship and get a semester class credit. OR if you have a calling to help others – artist in particular – this could be your way of giving to others. This will be fun and we will both learn and grow in the process!


About Deb Chaney

 Deb Chaney is an emerging contemporary abstract artist who paints large layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Her most recent body of work, entitled Pure Abstraction, takes her art to a new level in expressing her deep passion for nature via the thick layering of mixed medias, sand, paper and acrylic paints. The process of creating her new work, Pure Abstraction, is shown in 9 minute video short (release date May/June 2009) wherby Deb is captured painting, dancing and in interview describing what these paintings mean to communicate. A selection of this work will be displayed in a co-collaborative art show with Emily McBride this June 2009 at VIVA design studio & gallery in Santa Barbara.

 Deb is also currently teaching Illuminate the Artist Within ™ workshops in Santa Barbara which playfully inspire participants to awaken the creator within them via play and experimentation, abstract painting techniques, and principles that support creativity. 

 Deb Chaney is the author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women and contributing author to Sand in my Bra, Funny Women Write From the Road.   She also writes a blog ( about life as an artist, mixed media painting techniques, studio habits, and staying creatively inspired.

 Deb grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada where she developed a deep love of the outdoors and nature. She currently lives with her daughter in Santa Barbara, CA. When she’s not painting Deb is parenting her 6 year old, loves ocean swimming, hiking and doing yoga.

 She has sold over 50 paintings in Canada and the U.S. and is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and a member of The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media, The International Society of Experimental Artists, Collage Artists of America, and The International Society of Acrylic Painters.

 Contact deb after you have looked at the jivesystems website !

(805) 570-1582