Support team & fabulous friends

When I was doing the voice over for the video Josh and I are making about myself and my art- i an audio visual artists statement/bio if you will-  we went through a list of prompts or questions one of the last questions we went through was what advice I would give other artist or artist starting out?

I know I said a lot of things that I would encourage artists starting out to do including...writing morning pages, using affirmations, reading the Artist's Way, and setting scheduled work habits.
However, if I were to pass on one gem to other artists  starting out, the TOP thing, it would be to create a support system and surround yourself with a cheering team. 

Surround yourself only with people who believe in you, see your dream, applaud you, cheer you on, make you laugh, ask you question that propel you to move forward, bring you dinner, help clean your house, listen to you and call you at your darkest hour. Discard the rest. If they are bringing you down they are bringing your art down. Life's too short. 

As Madonna says: "Don't go for second best baby..."

So, I want to thank just a few member of my stellar team and keep on cheering and being in my life supporting my dream to sell my art to movie stars and support my family lavlishly from the production and sales of my work. Thank you!

The photo here is of me and my friend Meg hiking in Montecito. Meg  just had a piece published in the newly released book Conscious Choices An Evolutionary Woman's Guide to Life. Congrats Meg and thank you for continuing to inspire me on so many levels. 

Mathew- san...'darling you...bring me....bring me home" for the paperwork, love, pizza, stories you've read to Ruthie and pure friendship. Here's to sailing down the coast. Thank you.

Todd, thank you for being here, iphoto, mac support and being your cute barbie doll self - Ruthie just loves you!

Misty, for our call last week. For telling me I will find the positive in hard times, that i will thrive no matter what. Thank you for calling.

Heather, for your feedback, input and love. Can't wait to see your new house and hike in the rockies again.

Jeff for bringing over dinner the other night, hikes, calls, friendship and showing up.

Kath, Grace, Sharon, Jackie and all the girls I get to share and be with when we have our groups.

Geoffrey and Laurel, Miss Sal and Miss Liz for taking such great care of my girl, Ruthie Firefly!

Peter for your love, art, smile, understanding and friendship.

Lana Grow for being my pillar of art, teaching, mentor.

Michelle Y Williams for being a success, inspiration and creating the beautiful amaizng work that you do. 

Josh and Zach for all the work on the video, filiming, place to crash, love & encouragement. 

April for our hike and making me laugh big time! I'm never going to think about rent money the same again! Here's to Lazy Acres and cashmere blankets. Lov eyou babe.

Ann Blachke for yoru honesty and groundedness.

Sloane and Bob and Peggy Reali for Christmas dinner, love, music, understanding. 

Tai Kerbs for the encouragement and willigness to help me create this dream.

Hunter & Troy for those digital photos!

Jolina for the start of something great. Thank you for our awesome meeting and wonderful chat about men and motherhood.

Jordon at infusionsoft for staying on my butt!

Reyna and the team at back 40 Designs for patiently waiting...

Lyza loo I love you! singing in the rain at Interlaken girlfriend, always there for me, standing by through the good and the bad. I love you woman. You are my pillar. Thank you for being so strong.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!