New adventures in 2009 - SWITCH

Next week I'll be driving down to Beverly Hills to meet with Jennifer and Julia Cohen, the two wondrous fashion diva owners of *SWITCH Boutique in Beverly Hills. They are currently showing and selling all my Raw Expression paintings (you can see these paintings on my website hompage.) 

These paintings were truly about getting it out there. Really, the series title "Raw Expression" says it all. The real honest story is that when I met Peter Moraites at Date with Destiny a few years back we had an incredibly sexual connection and Peter, being the man that he is, offered the suggestion that I used the energy to create art work, instead of venturing down other paths. You get the drift. So voila, 18 paintings.

Jennifer already bought "She fucked him for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still it was not enough" and my husband thinks she purchased this subconsioucsy because she wants more sex in her life???Who knows. These women are hot and happening. I'm sure getting 'it' is not a problem. But I must say it's one of my favourites of the series. 

Anyways, I'm going down to see how they've displayed the work and discuss having a few framed to hang on the wall as well as explore a few PR options and how to get the word out....Apparently movie stars and other celebs shop there so perhaps my work will end up with someone interesting...Will keep you posted!

*SWITCH Boutique
 Location: 238 S. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Ph 310.860.1650

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