Art inventory - fire under my ass

I' Am finally back to completing an inventory of all my current available work! (I think I've been procrastinating for about a year! And If I was even more honest with you here I'd tell you this blog in itself is a little further procrastination to the job!!!). Anyways, since the goal in the next two months is to get the new website up and having the painting inventoried is imperative, as I told my Scottsdale artist friend JM - I've got "fire under my ass" this year!

Last year I was using e-artist for a while on my PC. Then the PC completely crashed and quite honestly I wasn't that excited on the e-artist program - kind of clunky and antiquated in my opinion. So I've left that one behind. 

However, there is light in the land of art inventory! I am using Iphoto. And since I have not used a mac since high school...Thank God for my friend Todd. We met yesterday and he's helping me understand albums vs folders and all the intricacies of the mac world. But quite frankly the details section for each photo offers plenty of room for all the info I keep on each painting. 

In case you're curious. Here's what I keep track of:

Painting Inventory Detail


Belong to Group: ( this would be the name of the body of work, like Raw Expression)

Medium: ex. mixed medias, acrylics, oil, sand, collage

Substrate: what I painted on - paper or canvas

Size: I think the standard is  H x W x D (depth) but I need to double check with my art biz coach, I always forget this detail!

Year: year I completed the piece - that's usually when I wire the back and paint the edges and varnish the surface...hey and let me know if you're interested in this process and archival varnish, etc . I could write more on this. Pls leave comment.

Sold/Selling person/Location: Ex. SWiTCH Boutique Beverly Hill on consignemnt with Jen and Julia Cohen since January 2009.

Feng Shui: Something I do that is unique in that I give each painting a Feng Shui recommendation and also guide collectors as to where they could place the  piece in their home or a room to further energize the area the piece supports such as health, relationships, family, or creativity, etc. Look back on old blogs with paintings posted and you'll see this.

Photographed for prints? Y/N

Posted on Blog/Website/Cafepress? 

If you have any ideas on how to make this process more fun, pls do let me know. Until next week!