Beautiful imperfections

Last Saturday we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday. Lots of people came, it was by far one of the best birthday party's we've ever thrown. There must have been well over 20 kids under the age of 6.

After nearly everyone had left my beloved friend April Cooper stayed behind with her son Trey. She was walking into the house, helping clean up, when we noticed a plastic parachute attached to her right sandle. Remnant toy from the pinata event.

"Oh just leave it" she said

"It's the little beautiful imperfect things like this that I love so much".

After that we went into my studio and danced full on to 80's music and James Asher. All the tension from preparing and hosting and organizing leaving us behind.

I'm going to remember that parachute floating up the steps forever and honoring the art all around us, every day. The beautiful imperfect moments.