Creating with Intention

Currently I am in process of re-vamping my website. The process is much like painting – working in layers, adding, removing, re-working it. I am learning a lot and getting clear about my art and its message in the process. Hopefully the designers are not going too insane with the re-takes and adjustments I have been posting on the project site!

My art is about bringing balance and vitality to its owner’s living and working spaces. Currently I'm placing the following words on the homepage:

"Contemporary Abstract Art Created with the Intention to add Vitality and Balance into your work and living spaces."

I’d like to say this more cohesively on the home page. The “living and working spaces” feels heavy. The sentence seems long and bulky to me. How do I say that more succinctly I wonder?

I'd love your thoughts on refining this phrase. Thank you.
In process...